May 31, 2016

Skip the ads and start telling stories: is storytelling a solution to adblockers?

A few weeks ago, our COO David Hueso was invited to present at an event organised by The Valley DBS and Agencias de españa to celebrate their partnership (read more about the collaboration here). David is a mobile marketing expert and digital strategist well known in the academic environment, serving […]
April 27, 2016

90% of these people say they hate advertising

   “It’s intrusive”. “It’s annoying”. “It’s anything but personal”. “It interrupts me all the time from what I really want to do”. “It’s useless, I don’t really care about it.”. “If I click on the banner, that’s by accident. Sometimes the X is hidden or floats around!!” Yes, where the […]
April 25, 2016

iadbox Feature Showcase #9 – Reporting

iadbox’s reporting feature helps you measure the success of your campaigns and messages, and delivers accurate metrics on your users’ preferences and activity within the inbox (for instance, user’s join date, how long since the user’s last inbox activity or last app/mobile website use, number of visits in a specific […]