iadbox Launches New Dashboard Feature


We are delighted to announce the launch of our new dashboard feature, allowing iadbox publisher customers to easily monitor their audience engagement activity. Using simple data presentation, the dashboard allows marketing teams and managers to view a summary of their overall activity status, to track successes or to make a quick diagnosis of problems.


The dashboards comprises various, configurable widgets for live information tailored to the individual user. It shows the current status for all selected parameters as well as allowing the presented information to be adjusted for different time periods for performance comparisons.

Each iadbox registered user is able to tailor their own dashboard to meet their needs, based on their account permissions and the publishers they are monitoring. This information can also be shared with nominated co-workers to facilitate operations and reporting.

Some of the key widgets in the new dashboard are:

  • Publisher users: the number of users visiting the publisher site or using their app during a defined period.
  • Active users: the number of users that have accessed  the iadbox inbox service during the defined period.
  • Engagement rate: the percentage of users engaging with your service.
  • Activity information: the number of impressions, opens, likes and dislikes delivered by your users.
  • Transactions: summary of the targets reached during the period, including “viral” sharing activity.
  • Conversion rate: the overall results of the campaigns launched during the period.
  • Operating system split: displays results by platform OS for your audience.
  • Socio-demographic and category information: audience data, including gender, location and brand and category preferences of your audience.

We will continue to add further dashboard widgets, capabilities and visualisations as we progress, including details on new users, sessions, top performing messages and performance by demographics.

The new dashboard functionality is provided in addition to the full campaign reporting that is already provided for each campaign message published using the iadbox platform.

All of these tools allow iadbox app and web publishers to understand reach and frequency of their audience interaction with their site/app and the inbox and messages provided within it. This information is invaluable to understand better audience behaviour to increase loyalty and reduce churn.

Intelligent commercial messaging for the smartphone generation. iadbox powers communication with mobile audiences, using an inbox embedded in your app or mobile websites.

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