250 audience responses for premium ad break survey

Channel 4 uses iadbox to deliver market research surveys

About the company
Channel 4 is a British public-service television broadcaster.

The campaign was created to deliver 250 complete market research surveys from 18-34 year old adults for Paranormal Activity 4, premium ad break. A branding message to promote Fresh Meat to 18-34 year olds was published just prior to transmission. Post transmission, a follow-up research message was sent to test effectiveness of Channel 4’s premiere ad break format (Channel 4 presenter announces upcoming ad).


Branding Results
Sent: 3188 (targeted)
Read within 3 hours by: 902 (28.3%)
Views/user: 1.2
Total Views: 1,145
Web re-directs: 487
Research Results
Sent to 3,188, read by 1,507 (44%)
1,164 (36%) respondents
480 (41%) viewed C4 programmes
Over 250 recalled specific advert and gave previously unobtainable information within 36 hours