2.3 % Monthly Engagement Rate
2+ M Average Monthly Active Users

Diario Publico uses iadbox to increase user engagement

About the company

Diario Publico is a Spanish digital newspaper and is part of Display Connectors, whose majority shareholder is Toni Cases. It is considered a "pure" digital diary, as it no longer has a parallel paper edition since February 2012. Diario Publico is headquartered in Madrid, Spain, and has more than 2M monthly active users and 37M page views per month. The partnership between Diario Publico and iadbox started at the end of January, and has been showing great results ever since.

Diario Publico is using iadbox as a new digital channel for user engagement. It was embedded in their mobile website to increase the dwell time users spend in their channel, to profile them to better understand their preferences and increase revenue. The custom integration includes an automatic feed showcasing the “most read articles”, suggested daily to users. Some examples of engagement messages users have been receiving are listed below:

Message #1
A welcome message, including a content questioner and interest configuration [profiling]: the aim was to find out what users really want to see in their inbox. They chose: Main News in first place, Opinion Articles, Competitions, and Viral Content

Message #2
YouTube videos for users entertainment and better engagement rates: i.e.: Lego Star Wars trailer and Game of Thrones teaser

Message #3
Survey: The greatest slum-dun in the history? The feedback including the top responses was delivered to the participants a week after they voted.