1000 completed surveys delivered daily for 20 consecutive days
76% respondents completed all 20 days

Nielsen uses iadbox to carry out ongoing market research

About the company
Nielsen is a leading global information and measurement company that enables companies to understand consumers and their behavior. Nielsen measures and monitors what consumer watch (programming, advertising) and what they buy (categories, brands, products) on a global and local basis. The company has a presence in approximately 100 countries spread across Africa, Asia, Australia, Europe, Middle East, North America, South America and Russia. It is headquartered in New York and Diemen, the Netherlands.

The campaign was created to carry out ongoing market research with daily questions for 20 consecutive days throughout the 2012 Olympics. Messages with 4 or 5 different questions per day were created and sent to members from the iadbox user base. Each day there were at least 1,000 responses from a representative UK audience of men and women from 18-55 years old.

1000 accurate responses every day
Fully representative male/female in all age categories
76% of respondents completed all 20 surveys
Just £0.40 user reward per day for completion
Daily report on Nielsen desk at 9am for previous day survey.