+500k downloads iOS & Android in UK & Spain
$1/user/month achieved revenues

Qustodian uses iadbox for two-way communication between brands and their opted-in target users

About the company
Qustodian was the world’s first user-controlled mobile advertising service and provided the live service development and testing environment upon which the feature rich iadbox platform was developed. It is a permission-based, engagement marketing service for mobile phone users. The platform allows users to set up profiles of their interests (called "Yoad") and give advertisers permission to have interactive dialogues based on those interests. Qustodian offers a commercial space where users spend a few minutes per day interacting with personalised commercial content to discover new things and that saves or makes them money.

Qustodian uses iadbox technology for better and smarter interactions between brands and their mobile audience. Within the Qustodian app, users are offered the opportunity to create and manage a digital profile of their preferences (age, gender, location, interests, etc.) so that they receive only commercial messages based on these. Qustodian offers a fair value exchange between brands and users, who are rewarded for viewing commercial messages. Throughout all of this, the end user is always in control of what they receive, when and how.

Learn more about iadbox Profiling and Push-notifications features.

+500k downloads iOS & Android in UK & Spain
$1/user/month achieved revenues
+150 brands working with Qustodian
+50% consistent ad engagement rates