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The use of smartphones and mobile devices has become an intrinsic part of everyday life for most. It’s only natural that organisations will flock to attempt to then engage with their user bases on such devices. However, for many columnist Josh Todd thinks you might be doing it all wrong. In this article Josh covers several bad habits that have contributed to the problem and informs marketers of how they can turn it around. Subsequently, some of the same principles can be used when reviewing one’s social media channels too!

eMarketer discovers 20.5% of internet users, or 10.9 million people in the United Kingdom, will use ad blockers in 2016. Next year, that proportion will pass one-quarter (27.0%) of UK internet users, totalling 14.7 million people. The rise of the adblockers is no news news to publishers and marketers, with publishers attempting to justify the use of ads in public campaigns to inform the public that high-quality journalism doesn’t come cheap. However, with the number set to increase again next years, now is not the time for publishers to be cautious, for they are fighting for their very survival.

Our Co-Founder and UK Managing Director, John Roberts, recently wrote a Medium piece on the cooperative media. In the article he questions the advertising model and envisions a model whereby a person actively chooses to interact with commercial content for mutual gain – crazy huh?! This changes the whole experience for advertisers as they are no longer solely based on what pops up on their screen or scroll past whilst reading an article. It also provides people with relevant and interesting content that they actually want to engage with. You can read John’s full article here.

For those lucky enough to pass those crucial first ninety days of app retention, monetising applications is easier said than done right? Google doesn’t have so much faith, that’s why they’ve created another addition to their no-nonsense series on App advertising as a mobile app-monetisation tool. – What the seven primary app monetization models are and the pros and cons for each.

– Important considerations to keep in mind when implementing a monetization plan.
– A simple overview of how businesses make money from advertising.
– Foundational advertising concepts like eCPM, Fill Rate, Demand, and Inventory.
– How pay per click advertising works.
– A basic explanation of mobile ad networks and how they can help monetize an app.
– How to choose the right ad network for an app.

You have a read of full report here.

This article approaches the adblocker debate from a different perspective, from one that of an in-game advertiser. It echoes points made by many adblocker users who feel that online adverts are annoying and intrusive. The article continues to say that publishers and advertisers should work together to surface interesting content for users. “With the right technology and business approach, however, it is possible to develop a path for advertisers and consumers to connect more meaningfully, helping generic spammers to become a thing of the past.”

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