iadbox Feature Showcase #7 – Geo-targeting


geo targeting

The next iadbox feature I would like to talk about is “Geo-targeting”. Geo-targeting allows any publisher and advertiser to deliver content to their mobile audience based on their geographic locations.

It has always been a challenge for brands to reach consumers near the point of purchase decision, particularly those who often decide impulsively, whether for the best discounts at brick and mortar retailers or in search of the nearest fast food chain to satisfy that hunger! iadbox’s geo-targeting feature can help you target your mobile audience more precisely, in a non-intrusive and highly personalised way. Here are the two ways you can do so with iadbox:

1. Know their Journey. By sending one shot push messages based on the previous location of your users, you can now re-target (learn about iadbox re-targeting here) them with campaigns accordingly.

iadbox 24

To do so, just simply create a new segment and define your parameters (you can be as specific as you want from gender to age, to their mobile operating system and handset type – read about iadbox profiling feature here), then specify the location and ratio. That’s it! The result? Targeted users that recently were in the selected location.

You can now launch your campaign! And because you have the right campaign for the right target, who have explicitly expressed what they want, you can expect happy users.

2. Nearby Offers. Our localised campaigns are based on users’ decisions (location, preferences and interests) and not on tracking users’ location details via intrusive permissions or notifications (ie. push). Rather, offers are automatically sent the moment the user access the publisher’s channel (app or mobile website) at a given location (ie. pull).

Campaign received triggered by location (and/or preferences) as defined by the user.

Campaign received triggered by location (and/or preferences) as defined by the user.

All campaigns can be custom notified (read about iadbox push notifications here) and are based on their current location delivering only the relevant offers, promos and vouchers “AROUND YOU”.

iadbox map

iadbox’s geo-targeting feature is uniquely designed with your mobile audience in mind, working for you and with your users. It is non-intrusive and can be personalised according to your requirements, making all your campaigns as targeted as precise as they can be.

Oh, and this feature works not only in apps, but can also be used in mobile websites too!

Jason Dela Cruz
Marketing Engagement Specialist at iadbox. @itsjheydclloyd

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