iadbox Feature Showcase #9 – Reporting


Reporting Image

iadbox’s reporting feature helps you measure the success of your campaigns and messages, and delivers accurate metrics on your users’ preferences and activity within the inbox (for instance, user’s join date, how long since the user’s last inbox activity or last app/mobile website use, number of visits in a specific period of time, etc.). All their interactions are captured and can be used for detailed analytics and to optimise your future campaigns.

Analytics Dashboard

This is the Analytics dashboard, showing a breakdown of impressions, opens, transactions and the conversation rate.

Reports are generated in just a few clicks, providing better visibility into user activity and engagement with your content, with metrics such as impressions, message opens, screen opens, message shares and likes, and conversion rate. Publishers can also measure the performance of each message (single message) in multi-publisher campaigns, to see which one is more effective, and also compare multiple messages belonging to different campaigns, to understand the message’s performance among users.

User workflow

This screen shows the user workflow process.

New metrics were recently added in addition to the above mentioned, such as eCPM, Transaction, and Earnings, and it’s now possible to merge them in the same report. The data is presented in real-time charts that admin users can easily export and use within other tools, like DMPs, DSPs, and CRMs.

iadbox is in continual evolution from working closely with our clients to develop the platform. If you want to learn more or to see what iadbox could do for you, please sign up here or contact us.

Lara Pizzato
Marketing Manager at iadbox @lara_pizzato

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