iadbox Feature Showcase #4 – Service Customization: Inbox Formats and Configuration Options



In our previous post “Service Customization: Envelope and Badge” we showcased where iadbox could be incorporated into your app or website and options of the icon to use. This time we look at the customization options for the inbox itself, when opened. iadbox offers publishers 3 inbox templates to choose from, proven through live service and direct user experience to be the most effective way to present interactive, rich-media campaigns for both editorial and commercial objectives.

iadbox inbox formats

  1. Horizontal Carousel with logos: Logos are presented above each message headline image. These can be used to differentiate between message types from your brand (eg. competitions, profiling, news etc) or from which brand the message comes for commercial content. The logos help the user navigate between the various messages by allowing rapid scrolling and message selection when tapping on them.
  2. Horizontal Carousel without logos: For publishers using it for their own purposed only, or not wishing to show multiple logos in a single view, the carousel format with just a single logo abive each message can be used.
  3. Vertical Scroll Format: For publishers preferring a more ‘traditional’ vertical scroll format for their messages or to match the other content on your site or in your app.

Once experienced with using the carousel format, we have learned from users that they prefer it as it is ideal for:

  1. one-thumb navigation,
  2. differentiating from more text-based messaging services, and
  3. clearly differentiating visual, rich-media content

iadbox also includes the option to show the “Like/Dislike” and “Share” feature buttons. The Like/Dislike feature is recommended as it allows you, the publisher, to continually learn about each user’s preference by brand and category for subsequent re-targeting. The share feature allows your content to be shared across other social and messaging media to help with viral promotion of your content and your inbox.

Using the iadbox library tools a publisher could also choose to include the iabox message content directly within their app content. This would allow publisher to deploy the iadbox features of audience engagement, profiling, own content publishing and commercial content publishing without needing users to click on the inbox icon.

As you can see, the iadbox look and feel is customizable for each publisher to seamlessly incorporate into their website or app, whilst adopting the best practices for a user-controlled interaction developed over 5 years of live service.

Jason Dela Cruz
Marketing Engagement Specialist at iadbox. @itsjheydclloyd

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