iadbox Feature Showcase # 1 – User Profiling


user profiling Get to know iadbox more through a series of blog posts showcasing our many features, developed over 5 years of live service as a user-controlled mobile marketing channel. First up, perhaps the most important one: User Profiling. Establishing your customer profiles is essential to properly interact with your audience on their most personal of media, their mobile. Without it, users will switch off. When you super-charge your profiling with the iadbox toolset, you will properly segment your audience to generate business from new and existing customers with your and third party commercial content. profile-iadbox So what are the tools in the box? We have 4 dimensions to our profiling tool-set:

  1. Explicit Information : Move the dial on your targeting from ‘demographic’, through ‘propensity’ to ‘intention’ by explicitly asking questions of your audience. Start the process with the built-in category of interest sliders and demographic data collection tools. Then, simply use the in-campaign message question tools to ask your audience what they really want. When you respond in subsequent campaigns with products or services based on their answers, you create a natural dialogue with your users that we have proven to exponentially increase your response rates. Check out the KLM case study for an example of how this natural dialogue delivered an 89% click through rate.
  2. Device Information: Gathering user device details is a piece of cake. We assign each publisher a unique id (includes Ifda & Google Advertising id) that enables them to access our platform into their own inbox account from your apps or mobile web pages. We can then add device information including which devices they are using, their OS and the device manufacturer. We also collect geo-location for app and web users, which is all very handy for publishing campaigns targeting specific smartphone users by location.
  3. Activity Information: With our advanced algorithms you can easily track user activities. In addition to all user activity behaviour, our ‘Like/Dislike’ function allows users to continuously provide feedback on each message campaign, to better target future campaigns. This data can also be used for life-cycle management, for example targeting user’s who have not accessed your service for specified numbers of days.
  4. CRM integration: iadbox can be loosely or fully integrated into your existing CRM or data management platforms. You can easily create segments of iadbox users from your existing data sets by importing the relevant user data. This can be extended with server to server integration to automate the process. Using iadbox profiling as an add-on to your data management, can help enrich and deliver far deeper insight into your audience’s preferences and habits.
Micro segmentation iadbox

Example segments created by iadbox super-charged profiling tools

We have proven through live service that profiling your audience to this level and simply asking them what they want, delivers properly engaged and respected users who will massively increase your response and transaction rates. Already, with leading iadbox clients we have delivered 2% to 40%+ engagement rates with targeted user segments.

Jason Dela Cruz
Marketing Engagement Specialist at iadbox. @itsjheydclloyd

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