User profiling

Profile users based on their device information, stated preferences and analytics.
1. Device information
Unique identification, ifda, Geo-localization, Platform, Carrier, Handset and Manufacturer, etc.
2. Explicit Information
Customer-Brand dialogues, Consumer preferences, Socio-demographics, Notifications, Explicit interests and Intentions
3. Activity Information
Advanced algorithm:

  • User activity: Likes & Dislikes, Message Opens, Shares, Purchases...
  • User base activity: trends and historical activities

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Interactive Dialogues

Mobile engagement channel to serve personalized interactive dialogues, with options for single choice, multiple choice and free text user response.

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Push Notifications

Comprehensive tools to meet all notification needs, all with end user controls.

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Reward users for interaction with messages to gamify their engagement with the service to increase read rates. Can be integrated with existing partner reward system.
Rewards can be: Points / Currency / Content
Users rewarded for: viewing content, answering questions, downloads, pursaches and 15 other rewards triggers

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Real-time metrics

Delivers metrics on all user campaign and message activity for real time decision making. All user interactions within iadbox are captured and can be used for detailed analytics and campaign optimisation.

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Segment users by any collected or inferred profiling data to micro publish content to highly targeted users.

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Marketing Automation

Set message campaigns based on user life-cycle and previous activities within the service. With our real-time segmentation capability, users are instantly re-segmented based on their behaviour and can then become eligible for running campaigns.

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Target messages to only those people with matched preferences or stated interests, to ensure a completely personalised user experience.

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Rich Media Composer

A sophisticated and simple to use web interface to create rich-media, multi-screen messages including text, images, videos and questions.

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3rd Party Data Integration

Optional, easy integration with 3rd party CRM system for automatic user data syncronization and user micro-segmentation.

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Re-target your users based on their previous responses and/or behaviours to create a natural dialogue with each person, proven to massively increase engagement rates (eg. see the KLM case study).

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User Feedback Module

Gain direct response user feedback on any aspect of the service with questions within messages and using the like/dislike tool-set. Ideal for market research, surveys and A/B testing.

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Programmatic Content

Content feed integration for local deals, apps, videos and suggested ads based on personalised targeting algorithms. Messages created automatically via API and S2S integration with preferred partners.

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Multiple and proven couponing options available for driving in store and online redemption.

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Deep Linking

Add deep-links to campaigns for tracked and targeted re-routing to encourage purchase and user transaction, including user reward options.

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All user interactions within iadbox is captured and can be used for detailed analytics.

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Program Messages

Set message scheduler to launch campaigns.

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Sharing Functionalities

Our technology includes viral tools to help users share content by social media and messaging.

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Landing Pages

Options to create simple mobile-optimized branded landing pages with customized data capture fields for lead generation with any campaign.

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Service Customization

Customise the HTML5 look and feel of your inbox with the CSS to match your app and web design, including 3 user interface template options (carousel and scroll).

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