iadbox Feature Showcase #4 – Service Customization: Envelope and Badge



The first time your mobile user will come across your new engagement inbox will be the icon you use to show it in your app or on your web page. After that, it will be the icon they click to enter into the iadbox environment to meet your audience engagement, profiling and revenue generating needs.

Therefore, the icon you use and where you put it will be vitally important to your success in generating audience interaction.

iadbox recommends using an ‘inbox’ icon (or wording if in your menu) to represent itself within your app or on your website. We recommend this as it is something that we all easily understand and creates the expectation of personalised communication. It is also a compelling thing, particularly when showing a new message notification, for people to click on to get started.

However, our toolkit is entirely flexible and if you want to show a shopping basket, as star, a circle with the number of new messages in it or anything else (one mobile ad network recently chose to use an image of a monkey for something similar), please yourself.



The iadbox icon is 100% customizable. We provide publishers with envelope and badge options that are easily integrated in any mobile website or apps. The envelope and badge can be customized according to your preferences and colour schemes or you can use your own design to perfectly fit to your brand.

inbox design mobile websites

inbox design apps

The iadbox position is 100% configurable. You can place the envelope where you want within your app or on your web pages and we can advise on where it is best placed to maximise interactions. Remember its positioning affects the overall performance and with whom, so it is crucial to identify where it should placed.

where to put your inbox

All options are included in our easy and quick configuration guides for apps and websites and within minutes you can successfully integrate iadbox to your mobile website or app.

Jason Dela Cruz
Marketing Engagement Specialist at iadbox. @itsjheydclloyd

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