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The smartest video strategy focuses on mobile millennials and utilises new formats by @KKayse, VP Sales Strategy and Solutions at Yahoo

The refined focus on mobile advertising in recent years is no news. Nor is the power of dynamic media to engage audiences, especially with the use of video content. It’s why iadbox adding the ability to embed YouTube videos into iadbox. What is news is how the industry has been experimenting with native video ads (what are native ads?), with the optimal length at 15-30 seconds. Research has also shown that people who watch auto-start native ads were 51% more likely to be abel to recall the brand. This comes as Facebook, Twitter and may other social media networks rolled out auto-play content on timelines and had led to a great increase in content engagement.


Facebook’s mobile advertising sales surge, by @andrewmeola

With over two billion people in the world owning a smartphones, it comes as no surprise that mobile advertising has taken off in the past years. Mobile ad revenue now accounts for approximately 82% of total adverting revenues on Facebook, up from 73% this time last year. This is indicative of a mobile-first approach advertisers have taken as they evermore attempt to reach their elusive target audience.

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New York Times incorporates virtual reality into the future of its content, by @sampudwell

The New York Times has recently announced that it will be incorporating virtual reality into the future of its content. This is the latest in a number of large US publishers to announce that they are working on VR content, including The Wall Street Journal, Associated Press and CNN.  As with anything, timing has proven to be crucial with the latest surge into virtual reality coming post promising moves with headsets backed by likes of Sony and Facebook. It represents a change tactics for publishers, who are keen not to miss out on ad revenue as the case for the slow shift to mobile. Although the concept is not a new one, you can’t help feel that we have just begun to scratch the surface for potential applications for VR.

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