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More Than Two-Thirds of US Digital Display Ad Spending Is Programmatic

Programmatic continues to dominate Ad spending, with it accounting for more than two-thirds in the US digital display market. Unsurprisingly next year is forecast to be the year programmatic mobile video apps surpass desktop for the first time. But with organisations such as Incapsula, reporting that 56% of web traffic is bot traffic, advertisers are rightly concerned with whether adverts are being served to an actual human.

Which Advertising Formats Have the Highest Engagement?

Off the back of the 2015 Annual Salesforce Advertising Index, this analysis finds (as to be expected) that text-only adverts significantly underperformed when compared against media-rich adverts. In fact, the Index found that video ads return six times as much engagement than other format. This point was echoed in a report by Millennial Media, which suggests that engagement on video were five times that of banners ads on average.

On Fathers of Industry, On Mobile Data and on.. Everything

Last week we were featured in Tomi Ahonen’s blog “Communities dominate brands”. The post explores technology innovators, mobile data and advancements in advertising technology. It’s well worth a read!

Why Brands need to skip ads and start telling stories 

This article reminds advertisers of something which is often forgotten,“not to get in the way of what they want. Be what they want.” It begins to explore ways brands can use adverts to tell stories to capture audiences. Although with over 200 millions users worldwide using ad blocking technology, brands will have have to evolve their offering past traditional advertising methods.

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