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Adblocking and publishers: ‘Something’s gotta give’

With the number of web users using ad blocking software on the continual increase. Publishers have been experimenting with alternative ways of bringing revenues into their organisations. This handy article summarises the state of affairs at the moment and reminds us that “something’s gotta give”…

One Year Later: The IAB Believes Initiative on Tackling Mobile’s Big Issues

For the past year, the Internet Advertising Bureau has been working on an initiative to tackle mobile’s big issues. They’ve been addressing the issues of ad blocking, ad fraud, viewability, brand safety and privacy, finding ways to maintain the presence of advertising on the internet while also dealing with consumer concerns and bugbears. They’ve provided an update on their work so far and what is left to achieve.

New study reveals impact of technology and analytics on marketing

Research by DataXu highlights importance of Chief Marketing Technologist (CMT) role & technology challenges for UK and international senior marketers

  • The single biggest challenge marketers face is creating an efficient, evidence-based marketing mix across channels, according to 33% of UK marketers
  • 64% of UK marketers state that understanding marketing technologies have become critically important to their career success
  • By 2017, 51% of UK marketers expect to be managing more marketing technology in-house
The power of social

The latest updates to Facebook’s algorithm reminded us of a post by our co-founder, John Roberts, on how social media was shaping the face of the web. John reposted the article on his Medium account – it’s well-worth a read.

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