In-app vs. web vs. social ads and is context the new king?



Mobile advertising’s next frontier: In-app video to overtake mobile web
In the past six months, in-app inventory has risen from 10% to 35% of mobile inventory traded through our marketplace in Asia Pacific (APAC). With the growth expected to continue expanding over the coming months, it is predicted that by the end of the year in-app video advertising is set to overtake mobile web for the first time. This will present further opportunities for marketers to step-up their game, with apps offering an enhanced and often fasted experience, as well as providing the option of alerts or notifications.

Tesco mobile inks mobile advertising deal to deliver ‘extra value’ to customers.

Would you watch adverts to get money off of your mobile phone bill? That’s the new offering of the British retailer, Tesco in a 50:50 venture with UK mobile operator O2. The joint venture is a new initiative that will let its subscribers save money on their monthly phone bills in return for viewing ads on their mobile phone. The move marks the latest in a series of mobile operators moving into the mobile advertising space, with speculation of an ad blocking service being introduced at the operator level.

Eye Tracking Shows Mobile Video Ads Embedded in Articles Perform Better Than on Social

A new study conducted with eye-tracking software to understand user engagement with video advertisements on publishers’ websites. The findings suggest that certain of video ads on publishers’ websites performed better than those posted on social media. The report might come as a surprise to some, with the launch of autoplay video content on Facebook & Twitter’s timelines.

Why context is now as important as creativity in advertising

As our COO, David Hueso, spoke about last month at an event in Madrid, brands should look to skip the traditional ads and start telling stories. This is something echoed by Christophe Collet, who proclaims that ‘context is the new creativity’. He encourages brands to think about the way that they deliver the message, as much as the message itself. We can’t help but agree. With the amount of noise on the market, it is becoming harder and harder for brands to cut through the noise. The ability to become relevant and surface the right information at the right time for people, will separate brands who succeed and those who don’t.

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