Algorithms, Ads and Farage

Facebook to prioritise posts from people rather than brands

Last week, Facebook announced that they were updating their timeline to prioritise content posted by family and friends, over that of publishers and brands. Whilst this might not be a problem for established media outlets, the effects will be felt for online-only publishers. For publishers such as BuzzFeed, ViceNews and TechCrunch, the change will impact their marketing efforts greatly. Facebook will be reviewed by social media teams and priorities assessed.

Social media is taking over the web!

The updates to Facebook’s algorithm reminded us of a post by our co-founder, John Roberts, on how social media was shaping the face of the web. John reposted the article on his Medium account – it’s well-worth a read.

83 percent of blockers want to avoid intrusive ads – Mobile Marketing Magazine

This is a piece of research carried out by HubSpot research, which finds that over 83% of users actively using ad blocking software want to avoid intrusive ads. Those are advertisements which block or prevent users from being able to read their content. Most interestingly, 77% of users said they wanted to filter, rather than block ads – in order to surface the most relevant. If only there was a platform for this *cough*iadbox*cough* 😉

I am the Nigel Farage of mobile marketing

Our co-founder and MD, John Roberts, wrote a medium post last week on the mobile marketing space. In which he compared himself to the Nigel Farage, in the digital advertising and mobile marketing industry.


The evolution of digital media.

This picture was shared by our Head of Marketing, Craig Smith. We though it represented our service offering rather well !


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