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1. Users first.

2. Users first.

3. Users first.

For Google it is their number one of “ten things they know to be true” (so it must be true). They are very clear: “Focus on the user and all else will follow.”

So, when it comes to mobile advertising, who does it?

Well, er, Google for one. They’re quite good at it as they do ‘search’, which focuses on what a user wants and is looking for. And they’ve kinda cornered the market on search, which currently represents 45% of all mobile advertising (see IAB 2014 internet advertising report).

IAB mob ad figures


But dig a little further into mobile advertising and you’d be hard pushed to find a mobile advertising company that genuinely puts their beloved user first.

Display advertising companies, using banners, pop-ups, interstitials and all other clever means of getting their message in front of you focus on the advertiser, and how they can help deliver as many ‘eyeballs’ as possible. It’s the way the industry works. And it has many, many problems when it comes to mobile (we’ll blog more on that later).

The new breed of ‘Native’ advertising, appearing in your data streams on all your favourite social media, offer neat new ways to get views and are working well (eg. FB and Twitter IAB figures above) for those internet giant publishers. But are they really for the benefit of the end user? (Again, we’ll explore that more later).

And what else is there? Well, a few measly percent of mobile ad budgets go into direct (intrusive) messaging and classified ads, but not a lot else.

So, where is the user first approach in the mobile ad industry?

Well, the reality is that it remains niche and led by start-up innovators. Those companies that have a dream that one day the ad industry might actually want to hear what we want from them and not the other way round.

By now, you will utterly un-surprised to find out that that is our dream. And in an on-going series of blog posts, we will explore all aspects of user-controlled mobile advertising. We’ll include thought pieces and direct case studies of our work over 5 years in this space from our B2C user controlled mobile ad service, upon which our iadbox platform has been built.

So, watch this space… but only if you want to!

John Roberts
Managing Director at iadbox, expert in mobile telecoms and marketing/advertising. @johnmroberts

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